Lowering Taxes

Kathleen Passidomo has cut taxes every year as a Florida Legislator, and she doesn’t plan on stopping now: Senator Passidomo has already taken steps to remove needless taxation to put more money back in Floridian’s pockets.

A History of Eliminating Taxes

As a member of the Florida House, Kathleen Passidomo made lowering taxes a top priority, voting to cut taxes by $1 billion and making good on her promise bring economic relief for hardworking Floridians.  

Now a Florida State Senator, Kathleen is continuing her commitment to the voters by crafting legislation to remove the sales tax on non-luxury items such as hygiene and child-care products. 

Kathleen Passidomo is working to bring economic prosperity to every Floridian, but she needs your help. Fill out the form below to show the rest of the legislature that you support Kathleen’s efforts to keep taxes low!

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